by Afsaneh Gray




The scene. A bedroom, a council flat in London. FATHER and MOTHER are boxing up DAUGHTER’s belongings, dividing them into two boxes. There is a television in the room.

FATHER                                                                                                        MOTHER

Another blog about redrafting


Yes, another one. And I know there are many because when I was stuck and procrastinating in the middle of my latest redraft, I read them all. And I found them useless.

So, on the off-chance that there are other procrastinating playwrights out there trawling through blogs on redrafting and that some of them are exactly like me and will find all my techniques useful, here are my pearls of (dubious) wisdom.

Old Bag at Rapid Write Rewind


Old Bag premièred some time in September 2011, date unspecified, because I can’t remember. But whenever it was that it premièred, it dernièred at the same time – or so I thought.

Rapid Write Response is a programme at Theatre503 in which playwrights are invited to come to one of the previews of their current production, then given a week to write and submit a ten-minute play inspired in some way by what they’ve seen. If your short play is chosen, you then have a week to get it up on its feet for the Rapid Write Response night. Which is one night only.