Written & performed by Tanya Singh & Shireen Mula Directed by Carissa Hope Lynch

An Ovalhouse FiRST BiTES commission

Letters from Kashi, mid-C15th.

A stolen glance in Atlantis.

15 August 1971.

Who or what or where or when is she?

Shape-shifting and immortal, Echo has lived through many centuries and many continents. Now in London, she embodies an Asian woman in her late 20s (sometimes Tanya Singh, sometimes Shireen Mula). She has secrets to share, histories she feels compelled to repeat. She guides you through her personal artefacts, while live feed and recorded images flicker alongside - repeating her, repeating you.

Using found objects, multimedia storytelling and the creation of this fictional being, Echo is a labyrinthine performance piece that splices together and rips apart the act of self-narration.

An Ovalhouse FiRST BiTES commission: new performance pieces, currently in development and presented as work-in-progress showings.

'Echo' was presented at Ovalhouse on 22, 23 and 24 March 2012 (click here). A huge thanks to everyone who came to these showings! We really enjoyed the lively post-show Q+A session led by Rebecca Atkinson-Lord after our Thursday performance, and we've received tons of immensely useful audience feedback since then too.

See the gallery below for some photos from our installation and performance at Ovalhouse...