Taranis salon

Saturday 1 June 2013, 5:30pm


A salon with readings of stories from Afsaneh Gray, Omar El-Khairy and Tanya Singh, and discussion with guest speakers James Bridle and Antoine Bousquet.

Readings performed by Barra Collins and directed by Christopher Loscher.

Drone pilots clutching PS3 joysticks, watching images beamed in from thousands of miles away. Military training in fake villages populated by amputee actors. PTSD treated with 3D simulations. Afghani kids given wire-tapped mobile phones as British Army strategy. These aren't scenarios from science fiction, but the reality of contemporary 'war at a distance': all-seeing, all-knowing, godlike and monstrous.

This event is part of a longer Paper Tiger project in development.

For more information, see the Ovalhouse website.

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